My journey to discover and document the family ancestors began 40 years ago, and is a continuing project. I hope you enjoy these pages. Remember it is a work in progress and although great care has been taken, I do not guarantee the accuracy of the information on these pages, but I can guarantee that you will run across formatting errors that I am still working on finding and correcting. I welcome correspondence, corrections, and comments.

The information on these pages is in narrative format, and the events are in chronological order. Where I have an event (a birth, a marriage, a death, etc) you will see a sentence for that event which contains information which I believe to be accurate, based on a source or sources. The source, if known, will be shown after each person. Some sources are more reliable than others. Please take that into account when evaluating the information. Also when I first started working on genealogy, I had no idea how important it was to fully document my sources and to do so correctly. I am now having to go back and redo all my documentation and some of the earlier reserach. Please be understanding when you come across a name without a source. Eventually everything will have a source.

I have also included census information as it was recorded, because of the glimpse into the families that it provides. It's important to keep in mind that information on the census was not always accurate. A child, a family member not fluent in English, or even a neighbor may have given incorrect information about some members of a household. Because of this, you may see discrepancies between information contained in the census paragraphs and the other sentences.

If you see a "head" icon next to a person's name or a "camera" icon, it indicates that a photo is available. Click on the name or camera icon to see the pages with the photos. Also if you scroll your mouse over a group photo, the name of each individual should apear - "click" and the page will switch to that person's page. There are other icons next to individual's names, which are explained below.

This information is for genealogy purposes only. Barb


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